Tangshan Tigers- The stolen Jade- Dan Lee


This adventure story is about a boy named Matt. He has just come to the International Bejing Academy and hopes to make the martial arts squad and win the tournament to win a replica of the famous Jade dish. Him and his friends form a group called the Tangshan Tigers to fight crime and when there is a break in at the museum, they suspect that the Jade dish has been tampered with and STOLEN! Can they save the Dish?

A really good, fun and interesting read. I know it's a middle grade book for younger teens and children but to be honest, I really enjoyed myself reading this book. I thought it had adventure and a good balance between fighting crime and focusing on the martial arts tournament. I didn't think it was unrealistic which is really good for a martial arts book. I will definitely be looking to pick up the second and third books in the Tangshan tigers series.  4/5 stars.

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