The Forest of Hand and Teeth- Carrie Ryan.


So this book is about a girl named Mary, she lives in a world after the "Return" and now she thinks her village is the last in the world. The village is surronded by Unconsecrated (Zombies). Mary's mother and father get taken over and turned into unconsecrated  and she is left to the mercy of the sisters. She soon finds out that the sisters hold some serious secrets! One day the village is breached and she has to find a way out. Is there a world outside the village?

INCREDIBLE. Absolutely amazing. I give it 4.5 stars simply because the begining was a bit slow and it took me AGES to read but I really enjoyed it. I was a really great book, Mary (the main character) was really relatable and I found mysefl yelling out loud whilst reading this book. Travis was a huge part of this story for me, whenever he was in danger I got really worked up and started shouting at it! I know I know how sad!! I absolutely loved the end. HIghly reccomend this book!

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