Sleeping beauty- Vampire slayer review


Lucette is just a baby, just a baby that happens to be cursed and threaten the kingdom's safety. The evil vampire queen has cursed her that when she turns sixteen and pricks her finger, the kingdom of Xandra will fall asleep every night apart from Lucette and Lucette will be alone in the darkness, plus she will sleep until sundown. Unless she finds true love to break the curse. You even get to choose the way the story goes.

I give this book 4/5 stars!
This was a really cool and inovative book where you could choose your own route. The story changed depending on what you chose,which I thought was a great idea. The story was a twisted retelling of sleeping beauty and it involved vampires. I have never read sleeping beauty so I thought it was a really cool story when I read this book. It was written perfectly and had that perfect balance between young adult and adult style writing.
I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend reading it!

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