Angel uncovered- Katie Price.


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Angel summer is a glamour model living every girl's dream. She is married to the hottest footballer and has the most trendy celebrity marriage. Her daughter Honey has just been born and everything is going perfectly for Angel, but is it?! This book see's Angel struggle with post natal depression, her husband's infidelity and has to make an agonising choice between her husband and another man. Along with all the pressures of being a new mother and celebrity. Plus dealing with some of the other psycho WAGs and ex girlfriends of her husband.

I started this book about a year ago but never finished it so decided to re-read it again and actually found it very entertaining! I was fascinated with the celebrity lifestyle aspect of the book and really enjoyed it. I did find it somewhat predictable though and the storyline was a dime a dozen. I feel as if the book was written by Katie Price herself (and that's not a good thing) instead of a ghost writer, though maybe that was the intention. I don't know but I wasn't impressed with the quality of the writing. I didn't connect with Angel the way you're supposed to. I found her annoying and bitchy which is never a good thing to feel about the main character when you're supposed to be feeling sympathetic for them and connect with them and understand what they are going through.
I would recommend this book to young girls, particularly british girls who know about the british celebrity and WAG scene. I would recommend this as a light read to take on holiday and enjoy while sitting by the pool.

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