If I Stay- Gayle Forman!


So the book is about a girl named Mia, her family decided to go on a nice drive and end up in a car accident which leaves Mia in a coma. She is kind of in an out of body experience state and can see and hear everything going on around her. Throughout the book, there are "flashbacks" of sorts about her life previous to that point.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The saddest yet sweetest book I have ever read! I am speechless when it comes to this book. Words cant explain how great this read was just please check it out for yourself! Watch my video on youtube to hear and see how much I enjoyed this! Http://www.youtube.com/HalfBloodPRincess... IT'sJUST AWESOME!

I loved all the characters and found every single one of them relatable and awesome. She seemed to have such a nice life and to have it all slip away was what was soo sad! The ending did however frustrate me a little as it was a cliffhanger but luckily there is a second book, (Where she went) which is a sequel and should reveal what happened.
It was such a moving book and it made me cry and not many things do that!!

5/5 stars!         

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