Withering tights- Louise Rennison.


The misadventures of Tallulah Casey is certainly right! Tallulah Casey is fourteen and a half and wants to be grown up. She feels that she is finally getting there by being sent to a performing arts college alone. From there she is living with dibdobs and the psycho stare-a-lot twins. She goes on a little adventure and trys to fall in love in her summer of love while discovering new friends and BOYS! Will she get her first kiss? Will she be able to stay at the Dother Hall and will her "corkers" ever develop? Find out in this HILARIOUS new series!

5 Frickin stars!!
First of let me just say this book was blooming fantastic! Full of fun, humour and intellect it was a perfect read. I loved the characters and the story! I thought this book was a great read for anyone but most definitely for english lassies like me! As you kinda have to understand the northern lingo in the book for it to not seem utterly outrageous. Excellent book, and 5 stars, I have nothing to criticize about this book apart from I wish it was longer so I could still be enjoying it lol! I couldnt put it down and spent a whole day straight just reading it and finished it within twenty four hours! A must read but I would recommend it for the summer. So you too can have a "summer of love" and fall in love with this book!

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