The Dead-Tossed Waves- Carrie Ryan (Review)


This is the companion novel to "The Forest of Hands and Teeth". It is not essential that you read the first book but it does help and I found it very helpful when referring back when it got deeper into the book. In the first book we go through Mary's journey in the forest and her dreams of reaching the ocean. This book takes off a few years later and Mary has a daughter named Gabrielle (Gabry for short) and they live at the ocean in the lighthouse. (If you have read the first book you will understand why!) It starts if with Gabry and her friends sneaking over the barrier to the banned rollercoaster/ amusement park which is plagued with Mudo (their word for zombies, also referred to as Unconsecrated.) She has her first kiss with a boy named Catcher but there is a breaker in the park and infects a couple of her friends, including Catcher! They get caught by the Militiamen, which are kinda like the police. And half of them have died and returned (become zombies) the other lot imprisoned and sent off to the recruiters and then two missing, one of them being Catcher. Gabry goes on an adventure to find Catcher but runs into Elias who seems to know more about her than she does! She finds out a few twists and turns along the way and blah blah blah spoiler spoiler spoiler..... In the end she ends up having to return to the forest of her "mother's" past.

Absolutetly amazing book. One of the best books ever! In my honest opinion, this book deserves 10/5 stars! That's how great it was! I really enjoyed this book and found that every chapter had me on the edge of my seat and holding on wondering what would happen next! I really enjoyed it and at the end of each chpter there was a mini cliffhanger. Definitely worth I read. I'm not really sure if I preferred it to it's predicesor The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but I felt it was a lot more exciting. 100% reccommend this book and suggest you pick it up and read it. (Review from goodreads.!)

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