A Girl's Guide to Falling In Love With a Zombie- Richard Denney.


Rebecca is in love with Lance... only problem is Lance is a Zombie and even when he was alive he wasn't that interested! She is keeping him safe from other zombies and taking him wherever she and her two other survivor friends go. All's well until Ryan, another survivor appears.

This book was great! It's by debut novelist and fellow youtuber Richard Denney (AKA Devvourbookreviews) and it's his debut novel. It was really well written and I really fell in love with Rebecca, the main character. The book is sort of her journal of events and it really describes her feelings for Lance, her zombie "boyfriend" in depth. It's really exicting and there are lots of times when you don't think she is going to make it. She is really in love with Lance but then another survivor Ryan finds them and she starts to having wandering feelings and begins developing a thing for Ryan. There is even a sexy bit, which I LOVED! Overall I give this book 5/5 and think that it was great.
I won this advanced reader copy in a giveaway and don't know if the book itself is actually out yet but when I have more information I will update you of the release date and where you can purchase a copy, and I suggest you do!

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