My new novel!!!


SO you probably didn't know this but I am currently writing a novel called "Sleeping in Stone" and planning the sequel "Concrete Angel". They will be part of a trilogy and I haven't decided on the last ones name yet but am leaning towards "Sparkling Angel". And now I am writing a new novel while that series is on hold. This is going to be more of an older YA and it deals with the serious issue of prostituion. Which is actually a subject near to my heart. I haven't decided of a name yet but will be trying to come up with one. Shattered seems to be the most fitting name at the moment or Broken. I want something really simple yet striking and something that deals with the plot.
So here is a little bit about the novel.
Jade is a normal 19 year old girl. Well, not really. Her mother is fatally ill and dying from breast cancer, her father left her years and years ago when she was born and she is left struggling to look after her family of 4 younger siblings. On top of this the family that once had everything is struck with a series of terrible events. Death after death, murder after murder. They lose everything. Jade is forced to find a way to look after her family financially after her mother's death and so one night leads to a life changing choice. She becomes a prostitute to the rich and famous but after a traumatic rape turns to drugs and ends up walking the streets, the only way to pay for her new found addiction, troubling family and her mother's hospital bill debts is to become a street hooker. Little does she know that one of her clients is closer to her than she thinks. It turns out the man she just slept with is her long lost father. Will he turn out to be her knight in shining armour? And as if things were bad enough she starts to fall in love with this man even after knowing his secret. Keeping it hidden she continues to take money from this man and sleeping with him until her mother's funeral. Will he find out the girl of his, unconventional, dreams is really his daughter he left when she was just a baby? Or will true love conquer all?

Sounds a bit sick really doesn't it? So please can you help me with a name for the book PLEASE!

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