Invasion- Jon S. Lewis


Absouletly amazing book. An action pakced, thrilling adventure. This book is full of jet packs, evil aliens, CHAOS secret agents and much much more. It truley is too good for words.
The book is about a boy called Colt. He starts off by going to a training acadmey for upcoming CHAOS agents. Shortly after he returns his parents are murdered. Colt finds out why and, in an effort to avenge his parents, gets into more than he bargained for. Microchips in the brain that turn innocent people into savage assasins is just part of his problems. Not to mention he has to juggle school and liking a cute girl Lily.

This book was completely fantastic. It was a great science fiction/fantasy and usually I'm not really into that stuff but this honestly has to be one of the best books I've ever read. The plot was amazing and had so many layers to it. The characters were easy to connect yourself to and get attached to and the writing was superb. I can say no faults with this story at all. A must buy AND a must read.
Plus there is a sequel coming in Jan 2012!!

^Review from my goodreads.

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