The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove- Lauren Kate.


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Natalie Hargrove is so close to getting what she's always wanted. She's finally on the right side of the bridge, in the richer part of town, she has a gorgeous boyfriend and she is just about to be crowned Palmetto princess, prom queen. But when she gets caught up in the competion, she soon realises fate is not to be medelled with. When a prank her and her boyfriend pull on her competion for prom king goes terribly wrong, they are left to deal with the conseqeunces. Trying to hide what they have done whilst trying to frame it on someone else AND still win Palmetto princess and prince. Will it all be too much? Will she crack under the pressure? A story of love, enemies, regret, deceit and karma by the award winning, best selling author of the Fallen and Torment books, Lauren Kate.

To begin with I was really mixed on this book. I didn't like Natalie at all and thought she was a cheap rip off of Regina George from Mean Girls, she was the typical generic popular wannabe prom queen with the perfect boyfriend. I really started enjoying it around all the drama when she played a prank on her enemy and it all went terribly wrong. This book is about fate which I really liked and it really proved that what goes around comes around and I liked that message of it. I particularly liked the character Tracy because she was sort of psychic and she kept saying cryptic clues to Natalie. I liked the idea of the high school and how everything went and I liked the set up of the story but overall I felt the book could have been better. I give this book a 3.5 but closer to a 4 than a 3 simply because there was that something missing and I didn't like the beginning at all! Definitely worth a read and if you like Lauren Kate's writing style, you will love this. I think I just found a new favourite author and I can't wait to read Fallen and Torment which are next on my TBR pile.

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